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A drone shot from one of Newsworthy.Studio's documentary films for World Bank on India's rural roads scheme.

The World Bank

Putting a human face on policy & data

Interviews. Storytelling. Documentaries.

Closeup of an old woman smoking—taken from the Gender Curriculum & Media Fellowship designed by Newsworthy.Studio for Global Health Strategies.

Global Health Strategies

Reimagining how we talk about gender

Curricula & Pedagogy Design. Fellowship Design.

A graphic with a red background, and with elements of a QR code, silhouettes of workers, a city skyline, outline of trees and a mic in the centre. Part of Newsworthy.Studio trainings design for Oxfam India on business responsibility.

Oxfam India

A digital module on business responsibility

Training Design & Implementation. Videos. Website.

Four icons denoting pregnancy stick, contraception, home and contraceptive pills, from a Newsworthy.Studio project on fertility in India for Ipas Development Foundation and Guttmacher Institute.

Ipas Development Foundation

Sparking a conversation around family planning in India

Interviews & Panel. Social Media Content. Videos.

A piggy bank party submerged in water—thumbnail for project showcase of Newsworthy.Studio's documentary films for World Bank on Punjab's water conservation scheme.

The World Bank

Telling success stories of Social and Behaviour Change

Interviews. Storytelling. Documentaries.

An illustration of three arrows over trash, symbolising recycling and a circular economy, which was a part of Newsworthy.Studio's Report Writing and Design project for Marico Innovation Foundation.

Marico Innovation Foundation

Designing a roadmap for a circular plastics economy in India

Data Visualisations. Design Strategy. Graphics & Illustrations. Publication Design. Research Report.

An illustration of four women spotlighted by Newsworthy.Studio in its multimedia storytelling campaign for Global Health Strategies and WomenLift Health.

Global Health Strategies

Spotlighting women leaders from the global south

Campaign Strategy. Interviews. Social Media Content. Videos.

A digital illustration of a woman holding a megaphone + the campaign image for #Voices2021—Newsworthy.Studio's multimedia storytelling campaign for Ipas Development Foundation.

Ipas Development Foundation

Bringing strength to reproductive experiences

Content Strategy. Design Strategy. Interviews & Panels. Newsletter. Social Media Content. Social Media Management. Storytelling.

A drone shot of flood preparedness systems in Bihar from impact assessment documentaries by Newsworthy.Studio for World Bank-IBRD.

The World Bank

Assessing disaster infrastructure and preparedness

Interviews. Storytelling. Documentaries.

Illustration of hands bound by a rope—from Newsworthy.Studio's storytelling campaign for Kalinga Fellowship.

Kalinga Fellowship

Centring empathy in conversations around human trafficking

Content Strategy. Data Visualisations. Design Strategy. Graphics & Illustrations. Interviews. Social Media Content. Storytelling. Videos.

An illustration of three stick figures behind forks (that give the illusion of jails)—representing Newsworthy.Studio's magazine curation and production work for Seminar Magazine on malnutrition in India.

Seminar Magazine

Curating a 360° conversation around malnutrition

Content Strategy. interviews. Storytelling & Reportage.

An illustration of the icon for the gender spectrum forming glasses through which two eyes peek out—representing Newsworthy.Studio's Gender & Media Curriculum for UPES Dehradun.

School of Modern Media, UPES Dehradun

Designing gender transformative media education

Curriculum & Pedagogy Design. Higher Ed Teaching.

Two community health workers wearing red look into the camera—a photo clicked by Newsworthy.Studio's Anubha Bhonsle for PARI women's health series.


Centring women’s lived experiences

Interviews. Storytelling & Reportage.

A digital collage with elements denoting the Covid-19 pandemic such as a vaccine syringe, the coronavirus, a vaccine etc, along with photographs of Pallavi Prasad and Meghna Mamgain, hosts of Newsworthy.Studio and Only My Health's Hindi series on Covid-19 FAQs.

Jagran New Media

Pandemic information without noise, anxiety

Content Strategy. Videos.

A digital collage of cutouts of an Indian man smiling, a smiling Indian woman carrying a load on her head, cut outs of the Earth and leaves—representing Newsworthy.Studio's Business and Rights Media Training project for UNDP.


Business and human rights through the lens of gender

Training Design & Implementation.

A close up shot of a community health worker handing over a pill during a Mass Drug Administration campaign against Lymphatic Filariasis—representative of Newsworthy.Studio's Social Media Campaign for #FilariaFreeIndia, commissioned by Global Health Strategies.

Global Health Strategies

Taking the ‘Neglected’ out of Neglected Tropical Diseases

Content Strategy. Design Strategy. Graphics. Social Media Content. Videos.

An illustration showing two girls in school uniforms, one with her hands folded—part of Newsworthy.Studio annual report writing and design for Population Foundation of India.

Population Foundation of India

Promoting a rights-based approach to family planning

Annual Reports. Design Strategy. Illustrations. Publication Design. Social Media Content.

A digital collage of a forest, ocean, sunrise and a windmill. A representative thumbnail to showcase Newsworthy.Studio's storytelling collaboration with NDTV called The Climate Explainers.


Making climate conversations inclusive & accessible

Content Strategy. Social Media Content. Videos.

An illustration with circles over the head of a silhouette of a man, denoting the coronavirus and pandemic anxiety. Representative of Newsworthy.Studio's social media campaign for Partnerships for Impact combatting pandemic misinformation.

Partnerships for Impact

Decluttering information during a pandemic

Graphics. Social Media Content.

The hero image for NetEarth - a video series created to highlight how we can understand and tackle climate change, and do our bit to save the earth.

Newsworthy.Studio ORIGINALS

Net Earth – A digital primer on climate change

Content IPs. Content Strategy. Design Strategy. Social Media Content. Videos.

Cutout of a mother holding a child—an image used in Newsworthy.Studio's social media campaign for Ipas Development Foundation on the occasion of World Population Day.

Ipas Development Foundation

Expanding the family planning discourse, #BeyondNumbers

Campaign Strategy. Design Strategy. Graphics. Social Media Content. Videos.

A purple and green graphic design with icons depicting healthcare and women in leadership positions


Advocating for Equitable Healthcare Leadership

Storytelling. Research Report.

A group photo of women, and young and adolescent girls, with overlaid icons depicting collaboration, report, thought leadership

Population Foundation of India

Centring adolescents & youth in family planning discourse

Annual Report. Design Strategy. Illustrations. Publication Design. Social Media Content.

A digital collage to depict south-south cooperation on the world stage. Over a world map, cutouts of a solar panel, a bottle of medicines, and an agricultural tractor are overlaid, along with flags of Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa and the G20 Logo for India's Presidency

Global Health Strategies

Envisioning an empowered Global South

Panel Discussion. White Paper.

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