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Four icons denoting pregnancy stick, contraception, home and contraceptive pills, from a Newsworthy.Studio project on fertility in India for Ipas Development Foundation and Guttmacher Institute.

Ipas Development Foundation and Guttmacher Institute engaged Newsworthy.Studio to start a conversation around the insightful findings of its study, ‘Key Determinants of Fertility Levels in India: Insights and Implications’. The one-of-a-kind study looked at nationwide abortion statistics for India and mapped it to data from the National Family Health Survey for the only year both are available: 2015-16.

The Challenge

Invite people to engage with a data-heavy academic study of drivers of fertility in India

The Outcome

Online panel with the study’s authors & social media content with digestible, shareable takeaways

Understanding Fertility in India

We took a conversational approach to break down the key messages of the report, so that sensitive issues like abortion can be contextualised, and statistics, explained. We hosted a detailed panel with the authors of the report, live streamed for a closed group and moderated by Newsworthy.Studio founder Anubha Bhonsle, on the role of different factors on fertility, contraception, abortion and childbirth. Drawing from the report and the webinar, we crafted social media content and video snippets for broader dissemination. Our goal was to shed light on the current state of fertility in India, the factors influencing it and policy-level recommendations to enhance women’s health nationwide.

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