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Though gender equity is explicitly guaranteed by the Indian Constitution, and India has made some notable progress on this front, progress largely remains sluggish and gender equity, at scale— a pipe dream. To catalyse this, in 2022, Dasra embarked on a multi-stakeholder Women in Leadership (WIL) initiative, focused on elevating women from mid-career positions into leadership roles. Under WIL, supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and anchored by Dasra as a consortium lead, the first undertaking was a deep-dive into India’s healthcare sector.

After months of research involving leading healthcare organisations, experts, and industry leaders, Newsworthy.Studio was commissioned to stitch together insights and findings compiled by Dasra, McKinsey & Company and The Udaiti Foundation, and write a 56-page marquee report titled ‘An Unbalanced Scale: Exploring the Female Leadership Gap in India’s Healthcare Sector’. 

The Challenge

Condensing & narrativising primary and secondary research on women in leadership in India’s healthcare sector

The Outcome

A 56-page report with a landscape scan, barriers & a roadmap for establishing gender equity in healthcare leadership

A Compelling Narrative Around Healthcare Leadership 

The landscape study offers crucial insights into women’s leadership representation within the private formal healthcare sector and its sub-sectors in India. It presents data, highlights key barriers and identifies potential opportunities for improving women’s representation in leadership roles, with the aim of establishing gender equity as the norm within the sector. The report also inspires a roadmap for the future. It emphasises the vital role of gender-disaggregated data for informed decision-making and addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes. It also provides a replicable framework with broad applicability, stressing the need for similar analyses in diverse sectors. 

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