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The hero image for NetEarth - a video series created to highlight how we can understand and tackle climate change, and do our bit to save the earth.

The crisis of climate change largely remains a crisis of communication. Conversations around climate change are dense, despondent, dry. There is always a sense that it’s too late, too much, too out of our hands. Through Net Earth, Newsworthy.Studio’s IP, we seek to create climate change conversations and a community with a diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives, and histories.

The Challenge

Create spaces & resources for youth to participate in climate action and conversations

The Outcome

Multi-season content IP, including video series, on climate change, action and hope


Climate Change, Explained

Through a digital repository of high-quality explainer video series with standout sections spotlighting climate solutions & innovations, we hope to prompt the youth to understand and engage with climate change—without the jargon, politics, gloom and anxiety. We are in talks with universities to turn Season 1 of Net Earth into curricula, while working on Season 2 with new financial and production partners.


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A drone shot from one of Newsworthy.Studio's documentary films for World Bank on India's rural roads scheme.

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Closeup of an old woman smoking—taken from the Gender Curriculum & Media Fellowship designed by Newsworthy.Studio for Global Health Strategies.

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A graphic with a red background, and with elements of a QR code, silhouettes of workers, a city skyline, outline of trees and a mic in the centre. Part of Newsworthy.Studio trainings design for Oxfam India on business responsibility.

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