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A digital collage of a forest, ocean, sunrise and a windmill. A representative thumbnail to showcase Newsworthy.Studio's storytelling collaboration with NDTV called The Climate Explainers.

As part of its 6-month-long campaign to combat climate change—The Great Climate Change Challenge: A Blueprint For Climate Action—NDTV commissioned Newsworthy.Studio to create a digital-first series called ‘The Climate Explainers’.

The Challenge

Increase public awareness & engagement in climate conversations

The Outcome

13 easy-to-understand video explainers and live community engagement on key climate change concepts and phenomena



Climate Change, Action & Hope

The aim of The Climate Explainers was to dejargonise scientific terminology, dispel common myths, spotlight innovative solutions and encourage its millions of viewers across platforms towards climate action.The research and scripts we generated for the series were translated and hosted in Hindi by the team at NDTV India—further expanding the reach of the series and breaking down a language silo within which climate conversations usually exist.

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