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A digital collage to depict south-south cooperation on the world stage. Over a world map, cutouts of a solar panel, a bottle of medicines, and an agricultural tractor are overlaid, along with flags of Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa and the G20 Logo for India's Presidency

The G20, made up of nations representing 85% of the world’s GDP, 75% of international trade, and two-thirds of the global population, is well-positioned to tackle global issues and drive change. Specifically, from 2022 to 2025, with Indonesia, India, Brazil and South Africa leading, it promises a significant period of opportunity to underscore the core principles of South-South cooperation in the global development agenda.

As India was wrapping up its Presidency towards the end of 2023, Global Health Strategies (GHS) engaged Newsworthy.Studio to author a paper on the potential and importance of continuity in the agendas of the four Global South Presidencies. The paper, ‘Empowering Emerging Economies: G20 Presidencies in a Shifting World Order‘, also explores how South-South cooperation can be a sense-making pathway for equitable progress in a shifting world order.

The Challenge

Exploring the potential and opportunities presented by four Global South countries consecutively leading the G20

The Outcome

A 52-page research paper & a panel discussion

South-South Cooperation as the Key to Addressing Global Concerns

Our team executed the writing, research, and editing,  supplemented with insights from key policy experts at GHS, Observer Research Foundation as well as those in diplomatic, public health, international finance and south-south cooperation domains. The paper explores the priorities that Brazil and South Africa can take forward after Indonesia and India’s Presidencies, keeping in mind the need to ensure continuity of key development priorities, and balancing of regional and national needs of these nations.

The release of the paper was supplemented with a panel discussion moderated by Anubha Bhonsle.

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