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Report Writing and Design on the Potential of a Circular Plastics Economy



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An illustration of three arrows over trash, symbolising recycling and a circular economy, which was a part of Newsworthy.Studio's Report Writing and Design project for Marico Innovation Foundation.

When it comes to plastics, there is a sense of resigned helplessness—yes, it’s causing massive ecological damage, but if not plastics, then what? Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF), set up with the goal to fuel innovation, worked with its knowledge partners Praxis Global and the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, to underline not just sustainable replacements to plastics, but also how we can use plastics more sustainably. MIF turned to Newsworthy.Studio, recognised for its expertise in report writing and design, to create a comprehensive and accessible document.

The Challenge

To position MIF as a thought leader in sustainability, while highlighting the possibilities presented by a circular plastics economy

The Outcome

A 100+ page print and digital illustrated knowledge ecosystem on plastics, with pull-out chapters for individual distribution and consumption

Writing & Designing a Marquee Report

Working with journalists, researchers, data specialists, editors, illustrators and designers, we wrote and designed a 100+ page report, ‘Innovation in Plastics: The Potential and Possibilities‘, over the course of four months, highlighting not just the nuances of the plastics problem, but tangible and measurable action points for the future. We designed the report in such a way that each chapter can be consumed and disseminated individually, including a standout section showcasing Indian startups who are leading the way. The report, launched at an event in New Delhi, India in December 2022, is available on Marico Innovation Foundation’s website, and was distributed in print to all major target audiences. 

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